Help Yourself Heal with Shannon Krajcir!

Yesterday we mentioned that Tiffany Tokarz has been going to Shannon Krajcir with Help Yourself Heal for over 15 years.  Today we are going to share how Shannon and Tiffany met.

Tiffany has taught yoga at the YMCA on a part-time basis for over 15 years.  Shannon has also been a yoga instructor at the YMCA for over 15 years.  They got to be close friends due to multiple yoga training sessions that they attended outside of the Des Moines market.  (Road-trips tend to bring you closer especially when you have as many of the same interests as Tiffany and Shannon do.)

During their first road trip, Shannon shared with Tiffany about some her spiritual beliefs.  These beliefs challenged Tiffany and yet they were exactly what she needed to start down her path to heal.  In fact, it is Tiffany’s belief that Shannon was sent to her to “help herself heal.”  No wonder Shannon’s company is called, “Help Yourself Heal.”  It just makes sense.

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