Guiding Principles Recap: Principles 1-4

As you know last week, Modern Muse embarked on a 10-week exploration of the journey that led to the creation of Modern Muse.

In story format, we have been sharing Modern Muse’s guiding principles and how these principles have led Tiffany Tokarz down her path. What we haven’t shared yet is all of Modern Muse’s clients who have experienced the same success Tiffany has had by using these principles. These stories are yet to come! We promise!

In recap, the guiding principles we have shared thus far are as follows:

#1: You have a purpose only you can serve!
#2: You will serve your purpose no matter what, but you get to choose how intentional you want to serve this purpose!
#3: All it takes is the right questions to get crystal clear!
#4: Clarity is the key that activates the manifestation of your vision. Your vision will unfold faster & easier when you focus on the details.

Do you want to serve your purpose with more intention?


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