Glow! is About Giving Back

Yesterday we shared Tricia’s countless accolades.  Today we are going to share her heart.  Tricia’s passion to give back to the community isn’t just a feeling.  She takes action.  Over the last 5 years, she has spent countless hours giving complimentary beauty services to those in need.  She uncovered that there is a real need for this.  For this reason, she decided she wanted to create a non-profit.

She sought out advice from many professionals prior to embarking upon this endeavor.  She heard consistently that it wasn’t going to be an easy endeavor and yet because her heart is so big, she wasn’t going to back down.  She continued to persevere.

Over the last year, Tricia has been working behind the scenes to prepare for her vision to come to fruition and it is with great pleasure that Modern Muse shares with you that  Dream Catchers Foundation was accepted by the Federal government as an official non-profit just last month.

How does this impact you?   By attending Glow! you will be funding the launch of Dream Catchers.  This is Dream Catcher’s first fundraiser.

Are you interested in attending Glow!?  Visit for more information or attend our upcoming open house on September 15th.  Email Tiffany’s assistant, Linda Minks, for more information at



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