Friendships: They Shape Our Lives!

In keeping with yesterday’s post, we want to talk a little more about how strong and positive relationships can shape your life!

Chances are, your main group of friends has changed since you made your first best friends in junior high or high school (an exception to this is our CEO Tiffany, who remains besties with her high school friends to this day!) but you may still be in touch with some of them. Friends come into our lives at the right time, and friendships end for a reason, too. Many of us all had that one friend…you know, the crazy party animal who never wanted to just stay in and watch TV. Or the friend who was constantly complaining about everything going wrong in their life, making you feel guilty for your successes. There’s probably a reason your relationship with that friend dissolved, and that’s okay. We want you to focus on the here & now.

One of our favorite inspirational Instagram accounts, Holstee, shared a quote that reads: “Who supports you and makes you feel alive in this world? Decide to make this person a priority even when it isn’t easy.” We LOVE this message and thought you would, too! No matter if your person is a friend, family member, spouse, coach, etc…hang on to the positive energy you receive from them and dwell on it. It will help propel you to new heights. Putting effort into relationships isn’t always easy, but the people who make you feel alive are so worthy of this! Remember to treat them the same way you would expect them to treat you!

Click here for this fun Garth Brooks classic about keeping good people around you!

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