Fork in the Road, cont.

For those of you who saw the post on Friday, you know that we hit a “fork in the road” in our story. Tiffany Tokarz was working on ideas for the marketing collateral for her conference and thought that she was going to use a “fork in the road” as the image for Modern Muse’s conference until she realized that Sheree Clark had used this image in a more purposeful way than she could.

This is when Tiffany gracefully decided to move on and use an image that she had at the beginning of 2014. As you know, the conference was called Magnify! and it was extremely successful due to all the professionals involved behind the scenes. Modern Muse would not have been able to do it without the following professionals.

First of all Tiffany wants to acknowledge the speakers: Desmund Adams, Brock Mealer, Christina Moffatt and James Works. Also, the remaining professionals helped Modern Muse in multiple ways. Without their help, the conference wouldn’t have been near as successful: Shannon Krajcir, Sara Henderson, Robert Fuller, Craig Light, Sadie Howar, Matt Wilcox, Char Klisares, Andrea Wyckoff, Caroline Fitzgerald, Tamera Keck, Tricia Rivas, Jamie Jo Ickowitz, Laura Holtman, Abra Johnson, Michelle Swanson, Erin Woolsey, Danae Quick, Emily Theis, Marcia Morales, Michelle Reeves, Lynn Foreman, Emily Rice, Ryan Tokarz, Paul Minks, Katie Woodward and Linda Minks. Last, but not least, our sponsor who made it happen: Trixie’s Salon!

The conference was an integral part of the story that created the necessary momentum for what happens next! You don’t want to miss out on the “rest of the story” tomorrow.


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