Fork in the Road

Yesterday we left you with a cliffhanger with the intent to remind you that this journey that we are on that led to Modern Muse and our future retreats isn’t about us. It’s about you!

Life is constantly communicating to you through images and signs. All Tiffany Tokarz wants to do is use her to story to inspire you to connect the dots to your own journey. The dots are there. Are you willing to connect them?

Now onto “the rest of the story:” As you know, Tiffany didn’t end up calling her conference “Launch” and there were very specific reasons for this.
When she got back to Des Moines from vacation, she put in ‘fork in the road’ into google. She wanted to find images she could use for marketing collateral and this is when Sheree Clark’s business, “Fork in the Road” popped up!  Tiffany clicked on the link and at that moment knew this Sheree Clark was a marketing genius. Why you might ask? Sheree educates her clients on how to eat healthier. Is there a better way to describe what she does for her clients?  I mean after all every time we bring a fork to our mouth we are experiencing a “fork in the road” moment. We can choose healthy or not-so-healthy.

Tiffany thought, “Well that idea’s taken!  I’m not messing with that woman’s marketing.”

Oh it gets better!  Keep following us! You don’t want to miss “the rest of the story!” We will post next on Monday morning.

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