Face Your Fears

Yesterday we shared the moment the idea for Modern Muse’s future retreats was born.  If you have ever had a vision this big, you know you have a tendency to first run from the vision.  Thoughts like this show up:

  • Who do you think you are?
  • Where is the money going to come from to make this a reality?
  • Do you really want the overhead of this responsibility?
  • Why would you want to risk it all?
  • What are people going to think?
  • What if everyone you care about disappear in the process?

These are just some of the fears Tiffany Tokarz has had to face over the last 10 years as she has created with Modern Muse as her vehicle.

Are you ready to face your limiting fears as Tiffany has so you can transform into a fuller expression of who you are being called to be?  If the answer is yes, experience the Modern Muse difference.  Click here to get more information about Modern Muse’s Glow!


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