Everyone needs a Shannon Krajcir in their life: Help Yourself Heal!

Last week we shared with you how Shannon and Tiffany met. Now we want to share why Tiffany has been going to Shannon for over 15 years and why she is a practitioner.

According to Shannon,  her healing journey began as a child.  She used to massage family members at family gatherings, to help them relax.  As a teenager she wanted to do something in the medical field so she went to school to become a Medical Technologist.  Along the way,  she became an aerobics instructor in 1996.  Then in 1997 one of her aunts became ill with stomach cancer.  A friend suggested that she learn Reiki to help her Aunt with her pain in 1998.  She loved it so much that she wanted to learn more healing techniques, so she went on a 4 year journey learning Healing Touch.  During that time frame she was asked to learn and teach Yoga.  So she is a Yogafit instructor as well.  In the same year she became a YogaFit instructor, she became certified as a Healing touch practitioner.   This was in 2003.  She has been practicing and learning healing ever since.  She loves to help people balance their Chakra’s so that they can heal themselves.  She helps to move your energy so that your energy field is working to keep you healthy and happy.  Thus her business name became “Help Yourself Heal.”

As you can tell, Shannon has a heart of gold and does what she does for the passion she has to help others heal. Her purity and her passion aligns with the intention supporting Modern Muse’s Glow! retreat so it only made sense to have her involved.  You will be blessed by her in two ways!  She is not only going to provide healing touch to all who attend, but she is also going to teach yoga in the morning on Saturday and Sunday.

We hope you consider joining us so we can “Pamper You to Prosperity!”  If you want more information about attending Glow!, visit our website at www.modernmuseconsulting.com/glow.


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