Don’t Get Caught Chasing Your Tail!

Yesterday we shared with you how your time is your most valuable resource.  If this is the case and we know that it is, than it is more important how you invest your time than your money.   Taking full advantage of your time is not something that most sales professionals and business owners do unless, of course, you are a client of Modern Muse Consulting.  We couldn’t resist.  We had to throw that in there!  We are a small business marketing our services after all.

With that being said, we aren’t judging!  We are simply acknowledging the reality of how easy it is to get busy being busy that you forget to slow down to speed up!

This is why if you feel like your chasing your tail and catching it (like my dog Norm does), the best move to make next is to stop.  Get in the eye of the hurricane where it is calm.  Acknowledge the reality of the storm, create a plan and get moving!   I won’t bore you with the details of the research that I have spent years studying that supports the power of planning your work & working your plan, but I promise you that you don’t want to get caught catching your tail like Norm!  Click here to see Norm in action!  Too funny!

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