Did You Know This About Chocolate Storybook?

Yesterday we shared with you about some of Steve & Meg’s biggest accomplishments.  Today we want to share with you something you might not know about the Chocolate Storybook.

Chocolate Storybook is making cotton candy for Mariah Carey Christmas Factory, a candy collection that will be sold at Sugar Factory restaurant and candy store locations in Miami, Las Vegas, Chicago, New York and Seattle.

Carey’s collection will feature four flavors from the West Des Moines store — candy cane, sugar cookie, hot chocolate and cinnamon bun — sold in tubs with labels created by Chocolate Storybook owner Meg Shearer, who collaborated with Carey on the design.

Click here to read the entire Des Moines Register’s article about this.

This is yet another reason why we are excited to have Meg & Steve Shearer share their story about the growth of Chocolate Storybook!

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