Did you know that Josh Ervasti Founded 323 Financial Solutions?

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Yesterday we shared with you how Josh Ervasti got his start in the financial industry following his father’s footsteps while living in Arizona.

Today we want to share with you about his start with New York Life in 2010.   When he first started, he initially specialized in working with clients to plan for retirement and protect their families along the way.  After two years, he was doing so well that he was asked to move into management.  This managerial experience is what led him to realize that he had a unique niche that he hadn’t tapped.  He had already ran a firm before.   Why not do it again with New York Life?

This is why Josh founded 323 Financial Solutions under the umbrella of New York Life.  At 323 Financial Solutions, he focuses on working with small business owners.  After all, he has been in their shoes!   This positions him perfect to work with this unique niche to devise plans that focus on their objectives while protecting and creating growth/exit strategies with the help of New York Life’s Advanced Planning Group.   This process is extremely valuable for business owners.

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