Des Moines’ Tie Aficionado: Danny Beyer

danny beyer (2)


Yesterday we shared more about Modern Muse and the Set Sell! Team’s vision to collectively impact all who attend Set Sell!  Today we want to share with you why Tiffany wanted to post this yesterday.

She believes Modern Muse’s annual conference is simply “meant to be” because of the people she meets & the books she reads.

After all, she continues to meet amazing professionals like, Danny Beyer, who want to contribute their expertise to help those who attend our conferences to become even better.



Who is Danny Beyer?

Danny is not only well-connected in the Des Moines market (hence our blog post on Monday), but he is also a networking specialist and bow tie aficionado. Through his network he has achieved success in both his professional and personal life. He helped organize the Des Moines Area LinkedIn Social – an event that draws hundreds of professionals from throughout the Greater Des Moines area to build real life connections. In addition, he co-founded the Bow Tie Ball, a charity event centered on bow ties and networking that has raised tens of thousands of dollars for Young Variety.

Stay tuned until tomorrow!  We aren’t done sharing all that Danny Beyer has accomplished.  If you can’t wait until then, we understand.  You can visit for more information about him.




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