Creating Your Structure

One of the most important factors  in reference to creating intentional results is to get crystal clear on the structure you need to support you.  If you don’t have the structure in place, it is near impossible to sustain the momentum you need in order to intentionally get where you want to go.

This is why I want to first challenge you to define what you need and then create a list of priorities that pivot around those needs.  The more concise you can make this list; the more effective it will be!

In fact, I challenge you to create a list with no more than 3 – 4 items.  The reason I am challenging you to do this is because there is scientific proof that supports this.   The most recent neuroscience research suggests the following in reference to working memory:

“Researchers have finally settled on the know-how that there is a maximum amount of items that we can store in our conscious mind, in what’s called our working memory, and most up-to-date study limits it to three or four.  Your working memory is a more active version of your short-term memory, which refers to the temporary storage of information.  Your working memory relates to the information you can pay attention to and manipulate.  This is the reason why phone numbers and social security numbers are broken into groups of three and four.  This is the reason why great presenters know that there should be only three or four main bodies of information in order to keep participants engaged and able to grasp what is being communicated.” 

If you are struggling with narrowing your list to three or four, you are not alone.  Many professionals initially do and this is why I have a systematic approach to help professionals get their list of priorities narrowed down to 3 NO-MATTER-WHATs!   Why wait?


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