Courtney Hill Shares Why Premier Credit Union Stands Above the Rest!

CourtneyYesterday we shared what motivates Courtney Hill! Today we want to share with you why Premier Credit Union is a top choice for members.

Courtney describes the one huge asset her team provides in one word: experience. “We know what we are doing,” she says. “The tenure of my team is huge and we have a lot of talented people here. I have a team member who has been in the industry 25 years and another one has 18 years. I’m considered the ‘newbie’ because I’ve only been here seven years.” Courtney says that because of that vast amount of experience, members get better advice because the employees at her company understand finance better and can prevent issues from arising. In addition, they aren’t working toward sales goals, which means the advice they offer is purely objective and designed to help each member. “Everyone is doing what they think is best for that member,” she says. “We have very little turnover here at Premier.” It’s easy to see why!

Are you looking to make a switch to a banking with a credit union? Look no further than Premier Credit Union. Would you like to connect with Courtney? Contact her via LinkedIn or visit her website to learn more.

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