Connect the Dots: La La La La La…

Yesterday we shared how Tiffany Tokarz and Sarah Spain met.  What we didn’t share is that it wasn’t until Sarah attended one of Modern Muse Consulting’s workshops that all the dots were connected.

The plot to this story just keeps getting thicker and thicker.  Doesn’t it?  It’s like these women were simply destined to work together.  The universe kept introducing them and it wasn’t until the vision of Glow! got crystal clear that all the dots connected.

Isn’t that just how life goes?!  This is why we can’t wait for you to attend our future Glow! retreat.  You have the same things going on in your life.  We can’t wait for you to attend our sacred & yet outrageously fun retreat to connect the dots in your life so you can Glow!  Visit for more information.


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