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Set Sell!

Set Sell!

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Turn Prospects to Raving Fans!

Modern Muse collaborates with clients to Set Sell! by providing strategic solutions to improve marketing, sales and productivity! The Set Sell! Solution augments organizations and individuals with an enhanced return on their investment of energy.


Set Sell! Conference in 2016

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Set Sell! Synopsis

At Modern Muse, we know the value of inspiration.  For this reason, we had four keynote speakers share their inspirational stories.  In addition, we know the importance of strategy.  This is why we also had five breakout session presenters to share their expertise on ways you can strategically apply your inspiration.  The attendees were given the opportunity to chose to attend three of the five breakout sessions in between the keynote speaker’s inspirational stories.


Inspirational Speakers:

  • JasonKiesau, Author of “Focused”
  • Tricia Rivas, Owner & Founder of Trixies and DreamCatchers Foundation
  • Char Klisares, Owner of Char Klisares Real Estate Team
  • TJ Tollakson, Owner & Founder of Ruster Sports


Breakout Session Presenters:

  • Tiffany Tokarz, CEO & Founder of Modern Muse Consulting
  • Danny Beyer, Author “The Ties that Bind”
  • Sadie Howar, Owner & Founder of Fresh Image
  • Amy Boyce with Merit Resources
  • Chris Mason with Merit Resources


Sponsor Recognition:

The sponsor of  the 2nd Annual Modern Muse Conference, “Set Sell!” was Elite Wealth Partners.   It was because of Cory Dawkin’s generous support, the owner of Elite Weath Partners, that our conference was made possible.  Thank you Elite Wealth Partners!


Do you want more specific information about the conference?  

Visit www.modernmuseconsulting.com/setsell.


What you missed in 2015!  Modern Muse’s Annual Conference, “Magnify!”



Modern Muse created & delivered a conference on January 6th with the intention to Magnify! sustainable growth by creating a solid foundation of personal and professional performance management strategies.  The Magnify! Solution augments organizations and individuals with an enhanced return on their investment of energy.

 What was this conference about?

Event participation was intended to:

  • Remove negative consequences from unclear or unfulfilled intentions.
  • Inspire you to follow your internal compass.
  • Strengthen the power of introspection and reflection.
  • Enhance your impact.

Together with the Magnify! Solution and the following four nationally-recognized speakers, you will amplify your personal & professional growth; improve plan execution and build a foundation of rejuvenated energy!  The conference was held at the DMACC Center for Career & Professional Development.


The four nationally-recognized speakers were as follows:
  •  Brock Mealer – Featured on ESPN’s “E:60:” Trained with Mike Barwis from TV show “American Muscle”
  • Christina Moffatt – Owner of Crème Cupcake + Dessert: Runner-up on the Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars”
  • Desmund Adams – 2012 Democratic Candidate for District 22 for the Iowa State Senate
  • James Works – Son of Owner of B&W Trailer Hitches: Recognized by NBC in 2008 for Community Commitment


Sponsor Recognition

The sponsor of  the first annual Magnify! conference was Trixie’s Salon! It was because of Tricia Rivas’ generous support, the owner of Trixie’s Salon, that Magnify! was made possible. Thank you Trixie’s!!!