Cast the Vision

Yesterday we shared why Tiffany Tokarz knew it was finally time to host a retreat. It was only after the success of her conference and all of the follow-up workshops that she knew it was time.

With that being said, she did what she teaches her clients. She planted the seed of desire. She got a lot of encouragement from several people to continue down the path so she did. She cast the vision and then found the most beautiful home to rent at Lake Panorama. This was the first step.

If you want to see pictures of this amazing home, visit to check out where we will be staying for the weekend! There is an outside kitchen. There are five tiers to the outside deck that lead to the lake. There is a fire pit on the bottom tier that is the closest to the lake. It is a little slice of Heaven right here in Iowa. Tiffany physically toured the property to ensure the pictures are a true reflection of the property. She is happy to report that the property is even more beautiful than the pictures.

Are you ready to transform into a fuller expression of who you are being called to become? Visit for more information.


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