Build Momentum With Grace Wenzel at Modern Muse’s Annual Conference, Set Sail!

grace-wenzel_webOver the last couple of weeks, we have been promoting our annual conference, Set Sail!   This one-day conference is designed to inspire sales professionals and business owners to increase profitability and productivity by jump-starting the year off right! Today’s post will introduce you to yet another breakout session presenter, Grace Wenzel with Happy Medium!

If there’s one word that can sum up the intent behind the Set Sail! Conference it would be momentum. And Grace’s breakout session is designed to show attendees how to utilize social media to generate momentum. Grace is a social media strategist for Happy Medium, an interactive advertising agency in Des Moines, and the business that Katie Patterson (another Set Sail speaker) founded. According to Happy Medium’s philosophy on social media, “it is an integral part of any good marketing strategy. Customers spend a huge percentage of their time on social media platforms, and any business not meeting them where they spend their time is letting opportunities pass them by.” Happy Medium helps businesses take advantage of the opportunities to reach more customers through social media marketing, advertising and overall strategy. Grace will empower attendees to get up to speed on best practices so that you can hit the ground running on strategy by the end of January!

If you are looking for a fun & interactive way to get inspired to increase productivity & profitability, register today by clicking here!


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