Bottom-Line Impact!

Just in case what we shared on Friday wasn’t enough proof of the importance of massage, we thought we would give you more information today about what takes place when you get a massage (or a hug).

When you receive a massage, the hypothalamus in your brain releases oxytocin. The hypothalamus is located deep in the limbic system and releases many different hormones to regulate the amygdala. The hormone, Oxytocin, calms the amygdala. The amygdala is at the center of your limbic system. Your limbic system manages your emotional responses.

Bottom-line: There is scientific evidence that supports the power of massage. It impacts your overall well-being! It helps you better regulate your emotions. It melts away stress!

If you are stressed out, the likelihood of you responding to life in a “stressed out” way is pretty high. Wouldn’t you agree?

This seems so basic and yet in our fast-paced society, many professionals are so busy being “busy” that they forget the importance of being pampered so they can prosper. This is why Modern Muse is proud to host Glow! We want to pamper you to prosperity!

Are you ready to commit to attending the Glow! retreat, email Tiffany’s assistant Linda at for an application. The Glow! Team is excited to be at your service soon!


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