How can we be recognized in this world?

As we made mention yesterday, this is 10-week exploration of a journey with a very specific destination. And yet where to begin the story isn’t as clear. Doesn’t that seem to be the case with all great stories? The first step always seems to be the hardest. With that being said, we decided to first […]

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21 JUL 2015 tiffanyt 0

Welcome to Modern Muse!

Every company has a story. Modern Muse is no different! During the next 10-weeks, we will share the journey that led to the creation of Modern Muse. You will learn more about Tiffany Tokarz and why she started her company every day through a blog post. You will also learn more about the bigger vision […]

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How to Be More Effective

Now that you have taken the time to create your list of NO-MATTER-WHATs, you have experienced the power of reflecting on your life with intention. This sets the tone for you to become much more aware of just how interconnected everything is in your life. As you embrace this and condense your focus, your ability […]

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Creating Your Structure

One of the most important factors  in reference to creating intentional results is to get crystal clear on the structure you need to support you.  If you don’t have the structure in place, it is near impossible to sustain the momentum you need in order to intentionally get where you want to go. This is […]

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What is a Muse?

Muses in Greek Mythology were known to inspire profound shifts by utilizing the arts and the sciences.   In today’s era, we have been conditioned to trust more cognitive ways to explain what causes results.  This approach is very much needed and is extremely valuable, but it is not the only explanation needed. You cannot […]

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