The Glow Retreat Vision

Yesterday we shared why Tiffany Tokarz decided to incorporate retreats into how Modern Muse delivers on the vision & mission of her company. Today we will lay the groundwork leading to the manifestation of the vision. It started exactly 8 years ago. During this time she lived in Kansas City. She had came home to […]

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Glow Retreat

As you know, we are building momentum in reference to the journey that led to the creation of Modern Muse Consulting.  This leads us to our upcoming retreat, “Glow!” Tiffany Tokarz has been an avid retreat enthusiast for over 10 years. She attributes a lot of her own personal healing & growth due to attending […]

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Organizational development psychology, neuroscience, and quantum physics. Oh my!

And now the fun begins!! We have carved the path for Modern Muse. The journey Tiffany Tokarz chose to take was for the joy of serving you! She has done her homework. She wanted to offer a service that was unique. Different from anything else that was out there! She wanted to unlock the mysteries […]

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The Founding of Modern Muse

In our post yesterday, we shared Modern Muse’s last guiding principle, “Seek and you shall find!” This is the guiding principle that gave birth to Modern Muse. How did this happen? Tiffany Tokarz was challenged by her marketing strategist to ask her clients to define what she did for them in order to surge forward […]

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Seek and you shall find!

In our post yesterday, we shared what Modern Muse has become through the years. What we left out, though, is why Modern Muse is what it is today: There was no where that Tiffany Tokarz could go work and practice her unique approach to creating intentional results. There was no franchise she could purchase. She […]

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