Work on your business, so you can profit in your business

In our post yesterday, we provided a recap of the guiding principles that Tiffany Tokarz embraced in the process of creating her company. These principles are what she still uses today. And yet with that being said, she doesn’t use these principles in the same way she did when she first started her business. Her […]

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Guiding Principles Recap: Principles 1-4

As you know last week, Modern Muse embarked on a 10-week exploration of the journey that led to the creation of Modern Muse. In story format, we have been sharing Modern Muse’s guiding principles and how these principles have led Tiffany Tokarz down her path. What we haven’t shared yet is all of Modern Muse’s […]

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Cast Your Vision

Yesterday we shared with you Modern Muse’s guiding principle #3: Sometimes all it takes is the right questions. When you ask the right questions, clarity surfaces. Does this mean that in June of 2006 when she left her Vice President role at a Fortune 500 company that she knew exactly what her future held? Did […]

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Sometimes all it takes is the right questions.

Yesterday we talked about Modern Muse’s guiding principle #2: It is impossible to not serve your purpose and yet you get to choose how intentional you want to be about serving your purpose. This principle is what led Tiffany Tokarz to start her company in 2006. She wanted to intentionally serve her purpose in her […]

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Serving Your Purpose

In our post yesterday, we mentioned that Modern Muse’s #1 guiding principle is that every person on this planet has a unique purpose that only they can serve. If this is the case, Tiffany Tokarz must operate from the perspective that she has a unique purpose. Right? If not, she would be a hypocrite. If […]

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