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During our post last Friday, we talked about how Tricia Rivas was one of Tiffany’s confidants who helped her move beyond her limiting beliefs.  Today we are going to share with you a little bit more about their almost 30 year long friendship.

Tricia and Tiffany have been close friends from the moment they met in 6th grade.  What they didn’t then that they do know now is that their friendship would lead both of them into entrepreneurship.

How did this happen?  They would meet every Sunday sitting around Tricia’s kitchen table to cast the vision that they both had in their hearts for their future.  They started doing this in their early 20’s.

At the time they didn’t realize how powerful this was going to be.  They had no idea that they were charting out the course of their destiny.  They just knew it was fun to dream BIG so they kept doing it.  And now they both understand the power of intention and are excited to inspire those who attend Modern Muse’s upcoming conference, “Set Sell!”  Tricia Rivas is one of the four speakers who will be presenting at Set Sell!

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