Anything is Possible with a Little Help from Your Friends!

Magnify Conference (1)

The day before yesterday we talked about how it was Tracy’s belief in Tiffany that caused her to decide to host Modern Muse’s first annual conference.  Initially she was extremely excited.  She booked the speakers.  She found the location.  She started to work on the marketing and then reality set in!  How the heck was she going to find enough professionals interested in attending her conference?

It wasn’t until after the excitement wore off that she realized she was responsible for creating the content, marketing the conference and delivering the content in between the speakers the day of the conference.

Overwhelmed and feeling anxious, she decided she better take her own advice.  She needed to assess all of her resources.  It was at that moment that she knew she had to be overlooking a way to make this more manageable.  This is when it hit her!  She realized she knew a lot of wonderful people who she thought might be willing to help her market the conference.

She was right!  She was overwhelmed by the generosity of her family & friends.  She had over 20 professionals who volunteered to help promote Modern Muse’s first annual conference.

If you are interested in attending our next annual conference, visit for more information.


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