Andrea Wilcox Talks About the Niche Central Financial Group Serves!


Last week we shared what motivates Andrea Wilcox! Today we want to share with you specific ways she stands out in the financial services industry.

The business Andrea has built with her husband Matt is one that feels is more like a family. “We treat everyone like they are our own family members,” she says. “We are so open and up front and lead clients down their path by education rather than pushing them.” Andrea reiterates that she shares what clients could do with financial planning stopping short of insisting people follow her suit, even in instances when it seems like a no-brainer to her. “I consider clients my friends. I’m so loyal and I make sure to point out what a client could do to increase their chances of success. I tell them that they won’t hurt our feelings if they don’t do business with us, and I think that approach makes people feel at ease.” If you’re looking for a financial professional, consider joining the family at Central Financial Group!

Do you like Andrea’s approach to client service? Would you like to connect with her? Contact her via LinkedIn or visit her website to learn more.

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