Align & Glow!

Yesterday we talked about the power of redirecting your thoughts and feelings in alignment with the vision you have for your future. Today we are going to line you up for what happens next.
As you know, the details of life do not always go as planned. You are going to have ups & downs along your path to creating the life you want to live. And yet in the beginning stages of anything worth pursuing, you can’t “take the bait” of your current reality. Instead you must get crystal clear on the details of what you want to surface. This is tricky for most people and will be one of the many teachings at Glow!
What was the first detail that needed to be addressed for the vision of the retreat to unfold? Tiffany needed a chef for the weekend. She is a terrible cook and she didn’t want to worry about what she was going to feed the attendees. She asked several people she knew for a referral for a chef. And yet none of the referrals were matching up with the vision of the retreat until magic took place on Tuesday, March 31st of 2015.
As we mentioned yesterday, the day didn’t start off magically. The day started off out-of-sync. And yet what happened when Tiffany chose to pull over on the side of the road and re-direct her thoughts led to the magic of what it means to glow.
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