Add some dynamite to your life! What do you have to lose?

In the last couple of weeks, we have shared with you why Modern Muse Consulting chose Sheree Clark & Sarah Spain.  Now it is time to share with you why Modern Muse Consulting chose Tricia Rivas with Trixie’s Salon.  The history behind this story might bring tears to your eyes and yet we are going to try to keep it light & fun because this is who Tiffany & Tricia are at their core.  They are deep thinkers with a light & fun approach to life.

Tricia and Tiffany have been close friends from the moment they met in 6th grade.  It was this friendship that led them both into entrepreneurship.  How did this happen?  They would meet every Sunday sitting around Tricia’s kitchen table to cast the vision that they both had in their hearts for their future.

At the time they didn’t realize how powerful this was going to be.  They had no idea that they were charting out the course of their destiny.  They just knew it was fun to dream BIG so they kept doing it.  And now they both understand the power of intention and are beyond excited to share the power of intention with the Glow! attendees.

What makes this combo so special?  Tiffany was always interested in what makes women beautiful on the inside and Tricia had always been passionate about making women beautiful on the outside.  They used to joke about how they were like dynamite together: TnT.  (Get it Tiffany & Tricia?  TnT?  Dynamite?  Power?  They know… They know… They are extremely silly!)

This is why they envisioned working together some day about transforming women from the inside-out.  And now it is with great pleasure that they are doing just that 15 years later!  Come join them in their fun at Glow!  Visit


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