Hi! My name is Tiffany Tokarz

I have been helping businesses grow for over 10 years and look forward to learning how we can help you. Modern Muse developed a system called the Intentional Growth System. The system is the combination of science & strategy. It first helps you clearly define your goals. And then helps move you (and your team) toward achieving those goals through identifying barriers, creating an intentional plan and holding you accountable to making progress.


Our brand.


To be a respected and sought out hub for business owners & sales professionals who want to grow their business with intention.


We work with business owners & sales professionals on their business so they can be more productive & profitable in their business by incorporating strategic planning, prosperity principles and practicing extreme self-care in everything we do!


Increasing your productivity & profitability is our passion!


Business Owners & Sales Professionals


We work with clients via multiple modalities.  Visit our services tab to gather more information about our different offers.




Modern Muse consultants


Tiffany Tokarz, CPBA, CPMA, & MS in Leadership & Organizational Development Psychology, is the CEO of Modern Muse Consulting and is one of their Intentional Growth Strategists. She has been working with sales professionals and business owners to create intentional results for a decade and due to her accomplishments both academically and in business, she was recently accepted into Faculty Row. Faculty Row is an invite-only organization that includes Fullbright Scholars, TED Talk Speakers and countless accomplished academics.

In addition to her credentials, she is a professional who believes we have only begun to understand the scope of human potential; and that leaders who create company cultures to better leverage their human capital will position their companies to thrive in the new economy.

She prides herself on being result-driven and yet having some fun a long the way. She believes that balance in both work & play is an integral part of intentional growth and she takes her own advice. When she is not working, you will find her jogging at Gray’s Lake; teaching yoga; spending quality time with loved ones; enjoying a glass of wine or attempting to cook something new in the kitchen.

Ciji Mitrisin

Ciji is our newest Modern Muse consultant. Check back soon to learn more about Ciji.


Modern Muse is a proud member of several local Chambers of Commerce!