A “wink” from above?

As we mentioned yesterday, Tiffany was in the middle of a day that wasn’t unfolding the way she had envisioned when she stumbled upon “a wink from above.” She immediately called Sheree. During her conversation with Sheree on that morning, she knew that this retreat was simply “meant to be.”

Sheree never answers the phone in the morning. She uses this time as protected “office time.” Tiffany didn’t know this until Sheree explained why she answered the phone. The only reason she answered the phone that morning was because she thought that Tiffany was her vet. Her cat was having health issues. It continues to get better.

Tiffany shared with her the vision of the retreat and Sheree thought it sounded intriguing. This was when Tiffany decided to share with Sheree “the rest of the story.” Tiffany told Sheree she was either going to really love her or think she was nuts and that she was okay with either because she was looking to work with someone who understood that there are mysteries in this Universe that lead us to transformation. Sheree connected with her story and immediately said, “Yes to the journey of the creation of the Glow! retreat.”

Are you ready to transform into a fuller expression of who you are being called to become?  Is this a “wink from above” for you?  You will know if it is! Visit www.modernmuseconsulting.com/glow for more information.


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