A Vision for the Future with Chris Ajluni!

Chris ALast week we introduced you to Chris Ajluni and how Northwestern Mutual stands out in the market place. Today we want to share with you what Chris Ajluni’s vision is for the future of his business.

Northwestern Mutual is getting to the point where advisors can work remotely 100 percent if they need to. Chris sees this as an opportunity to work in different cities and states. “I love Des Moines and I plan to continue living here, but we only have so many people. With the way technology is going and the way our company is going I can build a market share in another place.” If he gets a client in Boston who owns a company and needs financial planning, working remotely gives him the ability to call someone in that area and have them work with that person. “I’d like to be able to go pretty much anywhere, establish a market, have good clients and thrive in any situation,” he says.

It’s safe to say that Chris has found his niche and his business with Northwestern Mutual continues to take off because of his solid approach to service. Do you want to learn more? Connect with Chris or visit his website to learn more.

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