A Moment of Clarity

In our post yesterday, we laid the groundwork to the manifestation of the vision Tiffany Tokarz had 8 years ago about Modern Muse’s future retreats. Today we are going to fast forward to exactly one year ago.

Tiffany Tokarz was working on Modern Muse’s annual conference hosted each year in January. She was struggling with what to call the conference. She was on vacation with her husband while enjoying an amazing brunch when her fork fell off the table.

It was almost instantaneous. She thought she was going to use the image of a “fork in the road” and how we can choose to Launch! or fall into the facade that the safer route will protect us from the calamities in this unpredictable world.

What happens next? You don’t want to miss out on the “rest of the story” in our post tomorrow.

Do you want to experience the Modern Muse difference? We invite you to consider to attend Modern Muse’s upcoming retreat Glow!


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