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The Intentional Growth System will focus on the ABCs: creating alignment, communicating a clearly defined brand, and developing consistency. Together, these actions will help you get exactly what you want faster and easier. Does this sound like something that could benefit your business? Click the link below to learn more.

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Customized services for business

Business Development

We examine your goals, behaviors, and resources to help you create an intentional, impactful roadmap to bring your business to the next level.

Performance Management

Incorporating psychology into our client’s company analytics helps to bridge the gap between what and why, introducing a holistic view of workplace productivity.

Strategic planning

We provide a highly personalized, step-by-step process to strengthen the impact of your brand through alignment, clarity, and consistency.

Customer service training

Customer-facing facets of your organization deserve specialized counseling to address communication, follow-through, and problem-solving strategies.

Leadership training

By focusing on application and tracking results in addition to training sessions, we can help your leadership and sales team increase productivity and drive measurable results.

Employee coaching

We work with our clients beyond company infrastructure, diving into workplace culture and customer experience to achieve lasting impact.

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All business services are customized specific to your needs. Email us and tell us your story. We’ll read your story, call to get to know you better, put together a custom proposal just for you and we can determine together if Modern Muse is the right fit for you.

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“I had my 3 best months in sales directly after I started working with Modern Muse.”

Jessica Garland

Financial Advisor with Northwestern Mutual

“I started working with Tiffany as a consultant approximately six months ago. I was hesitant at first since I have never worked with a coach/consutant before. All traces of hesitation disappeared within the first month because of Tiffany’s great advice and a warm and loving personality. She is remarkably good at clarifying any “fog” you may have regarding any problem. She equally good at identifying problems and helping find solutions, whether they are of personal or professional nature.”

Julia Ofenbakh

Attorney with Ofenbakh Law Firm

“Tiffany has stategically and creatively combined several tools of succes together. She is providing consulting in a way I’ve never experienced before. She is wise, experienced, full of positive energy and empowers me in a way that has immediately made a difference in pursuing my vision. It is an honor and a priveledge to be aligned with her. She has been nothing short of a divine blessing!”

LaTonya Carroll

Owner & Operator of The Zone of Comfort, LMT

“Tiffany makes a difference! She jumped right in to understand who I am, my personal and business strategies, celebrate my successes, collaborate on my challenges and always encourages to stay focused on my personal vision. I have gained a renewed energy working with Tiffany and highly recommend her coaching to add clarity to goals in life!”

Amy Smith

Prime Lending Mortgage Loan Originator

“The moment I met Tiffany my view of the world changed. The people closest to me could not agree more! I started looking at life that it truly makes a difference who you surround yourself with. The negativity in the world alone can eat you up, couple it with close friends and family who are negative and you will be a goner! I have learned to align myself with people who are moving in the same direction as I am. I am learning to be less judgmental and more understanding for others because we have NOT walked in their shoes. I love that Tiffany does not just fire answers at you or advice. She listens to you, lets it sink in and thinks before she speaks. I love when I ask a question and I get the “Hang on, let me digest this one” typically you will get a great piece of advice back (that you will use a lifetime). The skills I have received from her over the past two years are gifts that few people will receive in a lifetime and guess what? They are lifetime skills for that will impact your personal life and help you achieve better results professionally.”

Andrea Wyckoff

Financial Advisor with Central Financial Group

“What first drew me to Tiffany Tokarz was her genuine spirit. To say Tiffany is passionate is an understatement. Her holistic approach to intentional growth helps to uncover dormant desires and talents that can be leveraged in a strategic way to build a path toward prosperity. She possesses a true talent for what she does and demonstrates a selfless commitment to other’s growth.”

Amy Nebons

Blink Events Founder & Event Producer

“After our first conversation there was no doubt in my mind that the benefit of having Tiffany in my corner would not only benefit my businesses growth but my personal growth. Our conversations always leave me extremely motivated and focused to set greater expectations for myself. I look forward walking the path of success with Tiffany for many years.”

Matt Floyd

Owner of Surpass Nutrition

“Modern Muse has given me the focus, strength, and desire to find my passion. It is has helped me drive to my next step of purpose. Without
Modern Muse, I would not have been able to achieve the goals to a fulfilled life with passion, purpose, and love.”

Michelle Swanson

Passion for Fashion

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